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  • Burglary Insurance:
    The contents in your buildings are not only subject to damage and / or destruction by fire, etc, but also subject to damage and / or loss as a result of the activities of buglers. Broadly speaking then, this is an insurance against loss or damage to your property or for which you are responsible; and as a general rule, the policy covers the contents of your buildings only if the loss or damage by thieves is a consequence of forcible and violent entry or exit. The indemnity or compensation payable by the insurance company to your good-self in any period of insurance (Generally twelve months) is limited to the agreed cost of the item insured, what we call in insurance the sum insured.
  • Fidelity Guarantee:
    Fidelity implies faithful or honest performance of a duty; and Fidelity Guarantee is an insurance cover that deals with protection against employee fraud and dishonesty. The insurance company will, for example, indemnify / compensate the employer against direct pecuniary loss that you might sustain through acts of dishonesty by an employee in the course of his / her employment.This insurance policy requires the names and duties of guaranteed employees and the amount guaranteed per employee respectively and the guaranteed amount is set against each position/persons respectively.
  • Group Personal Accident:
    This policy provides for payment of compensation in the event of death or disablement resulting from bodily injury caused solely by violent, accidental, external and visible means. A capital sum is normally payable for death, with lesser sums being payable for loss of limbs or eyes; and a weekly benefit for a specific maximum period in respect of full or partial disability. Unlike Workmen Compensation Insurance, this one is not restricted to occupational hazards only, but is a 24-hour cover. The amount of benefits per employee is set by you and should be in keeping with employee’s financial position. Accordingly, some institutions would set an employee’s annual salary, or 2 or 3 times the annual salary, as the Capital or Death benefit.
  • Workmen's Compensation:
    Unlike Group Personal Accident the Workmen’s Compensation insurance is not a 24-hour cover, but is restricted to occupational hazards only. It is intended to cover the employer for liability towards the payment of compensation under the Workmen Compensation Act. It covers liability to your employees for bodily injury and/or fatal accident arising out of or in the course of their employment. All persons employed must be included, and the insurance company will need a schedule of employees under the following headings; Names, position, estimated annual salaries / wages. The premium rate for Workmen’s Compensation insurance depends on the trade or occupation of the different categories of employees.
  • Public Liability:
    This insurance will cover you against your legal liability for accidental bodily injury and / or death to third parties (visitors/guests/customers other than employees) and accidental loss of or damage to third party property occurring on or in the vicinity of business premises.
    Generally, the levels of damages depend on a) salaries and wages in respect of injuries, and b) cost of reinstatement in the case of damage to property. The premium is therefore based on wages and turnover which will represent our Limit of Indemnity within a one year period.
    However, it is now the practice to have an agreed global limit of indemnity for the annual period, (e.g Le500, 000,000) and a limit of compensation any one loss that leads to the payment of a claim, (e.g Le10,000,000)
  • Contractors-All-Risk:
    The Contractors-All-Risk insurance policy provides a comprehensive indemnity for a contractor in respect of accidental loss or damage to his contract works or construction plants, equipment and machinery as well as claims for personal and property damage emanating from third parties against the contractor arising in the course of execution of the contract. In this way, the policy incorporates the usual indemnity/compensation against fire and its allied risks/perils as well as public liability insurance. The limit of liability for each item of cover (Contract works, Bodily injury, property damage, etc) is usually indicated in the policy.
  • Cash-In-Transit/Safe:
    The increasing crime rate and resultant rise in criminal activities and violent attacks upon individuals and institutions have all given rise to the need for this type of insurance cover. All businesses use, control and handle money in some form or other and any significant loss (whether by accident or not) can have an adverse effect on cash flow. The immediate knock-on effect as in the case of a loss of wage packets for instance could place a considerable strain on the finances of the business.
    This Cash-in-Transit/Safe insurance covers All Risks relating to money belonging to you or for which you are responsible whilst in transit between your business premises and the bank or vice-versa.
    The basic premium for this policy is obtained by charging a rate on
    • The estimated annual carryings
    • On money whilst in locked safe or strong room out of business hours.
    We would also require the estimated amount of money any one carriage.
  • GOODS-IN-TRANSIT Insurance:
    Most manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers will move or remove stock and/or raw materials to or from suppliers and customers. Losses can occur during transits which are not otherwise covered by fire or theft policies. Whilst fire and accidental damage losses can occur during transit, it is the vulnerability to theft that often accentuates the need for transit insurance.
    Normally, there are two limits of liability written into this insurance contract. This type of policy is rated on estimated annual turnover of carryings, with the insured (you the customer) providing a declaration of actual carryings at the end of the insurance period for the purpose of adjustment the premium.
  • Group Life:
    This cover offers compensation in the event of an employee’s premature death, be it natural or accidental during the time of employment. The amount of compensation (called Sum Assured) for each member of staff insured is usually their annual salary or two or three times their annual salary or a fixed sum. It is a 24-hour cover with no geographical limit.
    It will be renewed on the Annual Renewal date (usually every twelve months) without formally notifying you except where the policy had been previously terminated. Termination can be done by either party with prior notice of, at least, two months before the Annual Renewal date.
    The annual premium payable is based on the ages of individual employees at the time of being included in the scheme. And the table below will provide a way of arriving at a provisional estimate of the annual premium to be paid depending on the age of the employee and the sum insured set against his/her name.

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