We care for your Health.

About RITCORP > How our Plan Work?

We have selected pharmacies, laboratories, and x-ray facilities for our clients. The policy could cover employees only, and/or spouse and a specified number of dependants below the age of eighteen. Our medical insurance scheme is of 100% coverage – which means that you are free from participating in the payment of bills incurred.

We issue identity cards to all employees and dependants which should always be produced whenever a member visits any of our medical service providers to avoid misuse of the scheme. A quarterly medical expenditure analysis for all employees would be sent to your management and a reasonable annual discount given at the end of the year if the scheme is profitable.

We issue to each employee a medical attendance card for the use of the doctors and pharmacies. This medical card is designed to help the employee determine his/her cumulative cost of drugs at any time. Secondly, it would assist management to know the frequency of each staff member to the hospital if required.

The annual benefit of our medical scheme is allocated between two covers,

  • Out-Patient and
  • Hospitalization

In order to allow for accurate computation of premiums for any chosen benefit, the names of staff and their respective ages should be supplied.

We trust that a perusal of the above synopsis of each insurance cover will aid you in your management of the risks you and/ or your business is exposed to with a view to safely transferring such risks to the shoulders of Reliance Insurance.