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The types of motor policies that we underwrite include:

  • Third Party Only
    This insurance covers the insured’s (our customer’s) legal liability towards other people (third parties) arising out of the use of the motor vehicle. Legal liability involves liability for property damage as well as for death and injury. Damage to your vehicle/s is not covered under the Third Party.
  • Third Party Fire and Theft
    In addition to the full Third Party cover mentioned above, this policy includes loss or damage arising from theft or fire only to your vehicle/s.
  • Comprehensive
    This insurance covers loss of or damage to the motor vehicle or its accessories whilst thereon caused by fire, external explosion, self-ignition or lightning, malicious act, burglary, home breaking or theft. It is the widest form of cover available. The private vehicle comprehensive Policy provides:
    • Personal Accident Insurance including a death benefit and various benefits for specified serious injuries such as loss of limbs in respect of the insured and insured’s spouse.
    • Medical expenses up to a limited sum for any occupant of the insured vehicle.
    • Rugs, coats and personal effects whilst in the vehicle up to a limited sum.

For more details on your specific needs on Motor Insurance Policies, please send us your queries by filling out our Contact Us Form. And we will furnish the details requested by you at the earliest. Or one of our Insurance Agents will be in touch with you to assist further.